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The various sources are listed below. Nearly all are available on the internet through Ancestry, many of the tabulations, for example parish records, having been posted there by Gloucestershire Archives. Some documents are only available for consultation at the Archives. One column of the tables herein , usually the second, contains source information. These are as abbreviations as follows:
cen 10-yearly censuses from 1841 to 1911 (last available), showing people in a dwelling at midnight on census day (a Sunday in late March or, early April), not necessarily all members of a family
dir commercial directories such as Kelly. Some caution necessary as these can be a little out of date
doc various other documents that have come to hand
er electoral registers (annual). There are limitations before 1918, and for some women before 1929, and an overall age limitation (to 21 and over) during the period under review. Also some limitation of availability
gro central record of births, marriages and deaths from September 1837. During the period in question these show the names of the registration centres (for example Cirencester for Quenington) and the quarter of the year in which the event was registered
mem memorials, for example gravestones and war memorials
mil military records
nwp items from newspapers, usually local
par church parish records in which a baptism, marriage (including banns) and burial has occurred - Church of England only,
prob probate reports
reg same as gro above
sch Quenington Primary School records
ship ships' passenger lists
tax land tax records, here for Quenington 1787 to 1831
will extracts from wills
39 The special register taken on 29 September 1939 for wartime purposes (eg for the provision of identity cards and ration books). Again some limitations.