The daughters of William Joynes Godwin
Mary Ann, Miriam, Ruth, Eva

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William had five children. The first four were girls who left home as expected when they came of age, though two of them were later to return to Quenington. They are discussed below, Mary Ann, Miriam, Ruth and Eva. The fifth child was a boy who would remain in the village and take over the family business after his father's death. Harold Joynes is discussed in a separate article herein.

Mary married a man whose occupation in education took him to various locations, including Oxford, London and Leamington Spa. She died in Birmingham at the age of 45. Mary had children, but with the information available and their very common surname (Jones) it has not been possible to follow their progress. After her death her husband came to Quenington and married Mary's youngest sister Eva.

Miriam at first settled in Quenington after marriage, her husband perhaps working for the Godwin company. But they soon left, and set up in business in South Cerney, Cirencester, where they remained until their deaths. There was one known daughter, who remained unmarried.

Ruth left home in her teens and married a seedsman who lived in Fairford. When he died, and also the brother, who was in business with him,, Ruth assisted her sister Eva in running the business but soon returned to Quenington, where she lived as a widow for the rest of her life. There were two children, one son and one daughter, both of whom lived in Quenington.

Eva had left home by the age of 21, when she was at Fairford at the home/business of a seedsman, whose brother was the husband of her sister Ruth. When the two brothers died Eva seems to have taken over the running of the business, helped by Ruth. Eva married the widower of her sister Mary and they later went to live in Quenington. Following the death of her husband Eva remained in Quenington. There are no known children.


Mary Ann

Mary was born in Windrush in 1866, a year or two before the family moved to Quenington. She was then at home in Quenington until at least 1891, and in 1893 married Martin Jones locally. He had been born in Nursling, Hampshire, son of a market gardener, but in 1881 aged 16, was at home as an apprentice carpenter (ten years earlier he had been in Somerset at the home of an uncle who was himself a carpenter). He seems to have given up the trade, and perhaps manual work, for after his marriage he was working as a 'manual training instructor' for local education authorities, which seems to have taken him and his family to various locations; much later he would be listed as a school-teacher. They were in Oxford in 1896, Clapton, London 1898-1901 and Leamington Spa in April 1911. There were three daughters, one born in each location.

Later in 1911 Mary died in Birmingham at the age of 45. It is not known whether her body was brought back to Quenington, but Martin certainly came, presumably with the children. When he married Mary's younger sister, Eva, the following year (see below) his address was Woodside in Quenington and his occupation school-teacher. He and Eva would later come to live in the village. See under Eva below. It has not yet been possible to trace the progress of Mary's children, as there are very many with their names in central records.

Sources: cen=census; gro=central record of births, marriages, deaths
1866 cen,groWindrush   birth registered Northleach 4th quarter
1871 cenQuenington4 Windrushat home
1881 cenQuenington14 Windrushat home
1891 cenQuenington24own meansWindrushat home, head of household during parents' absence
1893 gro    marriage to Martin Jones registered Cirencester 3rd quarter
1896 gro,cenOxford   birth of daughter Jessie Eleanor, registered Headington, 2nd quarter
1898 gro,cenClapton, London     birth of daughter Ethel Ruth, registered Hackney 4th quarter
1901 cenClapton34  Queningtonat home with husband, school manual training instructor, and two children
1907 gro,cenLeamington   birth of daughter Muriel Kathleen, registered Warwick, 1st quarter
1911 cenLeamington44 Fairfordat home with husband, manual training instructor, and three children
1911 groBirmingham 45  death of a Mary A Jones registered Birmingham 4th quarter. Husband would marry her sister Eve, see below
1. Nothing more is yet known about the children There are very many people in the records bearing these names.
2. After Mary's death husband Martin moved to Quenington and married Mary's sister Eva, see below

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Miriam was born in Quenington in 1869 and lived at home until at least 1881. The next record is of her marriage locally (registered in Cirencester) in 1894 to Henry Fleetwood. He was born in 1868 in Aldsworth, Gloucestershire, son of a carpenter, and he himself would become a carpenter. In 1891 he had left home and was lodging in Swindon at the home of a wheelwright.

A year after their marriage, in late 1895, Miriam was in Farnham, Surrey, where daughter Dorothy Ruth, was born. But they were back in Quenington by 1901, when Henry was working as a builder's foreman, perhaps at the Godwin business. In December 1906 they moved to South Cerney, near Cirencester, where Henry may have set up his own business for in 1911 he was a builder and constructor, and an employer.

They remained in South Cerney. After World War 1 they were registered voters there until at least 1937; in 1939 Henry was a retired builder, still probably in South Cerney. . He died there in 1946, Miriam died in 1959, aged 90, at a different address in the same village. Henry left an estate of some £1200, Miriam some £3250. There was a daughter Dorothy Ruth who died unmarried in Cheltenham in 1985 at the age of 89.

Sources: cen=census; gro=central record of births, marriages, deaths; prob=probate
1869 cen,gro,39Quenington   born 17th Jun, birth registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
1871 cenQuenington2 Quenington at home
1881 cenQuenington11 Queningtonat home
1894 gro    marriage to Henry Fleetwood registered Cirencester 4th quarter
1895 gro,cen,Farnham, Surrey   daughter Dorothy Ruth, born 19 November, registered 4th quarter
1901 cen,39Quenington31 Queningtonat home with husband, builder's foreman, and daughter Dorothy, 5
1906 cenQuenington   school log: 10 December, "Dorothy Fleetwood has left the parish for South Cerney"
1911 cenSouth Cerney41  Queningtonat home with husband, builder and constructor, employer, daughter D Ruth and nephew A Baker, address Silver Street
er South Cerney   and probably longer. Henry and Miriam registered as voters
1939 39Cirencester dist   at Gable Cottage, dob 17th Jun 1869, with husband Henry, retired builder, and [daughter] Dorothy R. no profession (blind)
1946 gro,prob South Cerney    husband died 29 November, death registered Cirencester 4th quarter, address Gable Cottage, see probate detail below
1959 gro,prob South Cerney90  died 27 August, age 78, death registered Cirencester 3rd quarter, address Little Croft, see probate details below
1985 groCheltenham     death of daughter Dorothy Ruth, 89, unmarried, registered July
probate (Henry). Henry Fleetwood of Gable Cottage, South Cerney, died 29 Nov 1946, probate Gloucester 26/2/47 to Miriam Fleetwood, widow, and Thomas Fleetwood, railway official. Effects £1205 19s 6d. [Comment, Thomas Fleetwood perhaps Henry's younger brother]
probate (Miriam). Miriam Fleetwood of Little Croft, South Cerney, widow, died 28 Aug 1959. Probate Gloucester 29 Sept to Dorothy Ruth Fleetwood, spinster, and William Arthur Huggett, electrician. Effects £3257 13s 6d

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The lives of the two last sisters were intertwined in the context of a seedsman's business in Fairford run by two brothers, Charles and Allan Baker. Ruth married Allan, the younger brother, and after his early death it would appear that she lived at the Fairford address together with Charles, and also her sister Eva. Allan and Charles both died the early years of the twentieth century, after which Eva seems to have run the business briefly, assisted by Ruth. Both later returned to Quenington and lived there for the rest of their lives.

Ruth was born in in Quenington in 1872 and left home in her teens. In 1891 she was lodging in Cirencester, working as a millinary assistant. Six years later she married Allan Baker, who was assisting in running the seed business at Milton Street in Fairford. Her residence at the time is not certain. In the autumn of 1900 she gave birth to daughter Lucy in Quenington and she was still there, or perhaps there again in April 1901, even though her husband was at his Fairford address. However, she was in Fairford in 1902 for the birth of son Allan.

Husband Allan died in 1902. Perhaps she remained at Fairford, for in 1911, after the death of brother-in-law Charles she was at the Fairford address assisting sister Eva in running the business. This may not have lasted more than a year or two. (see under Eva, below).

Nothing is known about the war years, though in 1919 Ruth was still living in Fairford, a householder at an unknown address. She had returned to Quenington by 1920 and would remain there. She was at an unknown address between the wars and at a Godwin house at Woodside after the second war. She died in 1947 at the age of 74 and lies in Quenington cemetery. She left an estate of just over £900, probate granted to her two children.

Ruth’s oldest child, Lucy, did not marry, lived with her mother at Woodside while her mother was still alive and at an unknown address thereafter. She died in 1994 at the age of 94. She must be the "Miss Baker", remembered by a resident of the time as a schoolteacher at Farmor's school in Fairford.

Ruth's son Allan also remained in Quenington, living with wife Gertrude in one of the Godwin cottages at Woodside. His occupations in 1939 and 1947 are compatible with working in the Godwin factory. He died in 1951 at the age of 49, leaving an estate of just under £1000. There was probably a daughter Ruth. His wife Gertrude continued to live in the village, died in 1979 at the age of 77.

Sources: cem=cemetery inscription; cen=census; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births, marriages, deaths; prob=probate
1872cen,gro Quenington   birth registered Cirencester 3rd quarter
1881cenQuenington 7  Queningtonat home
1891cenCirencester 18 millinery assistantQueningtonlodging with James Webb, 64 [...] Lane
1897gro    marriage to Allan Baker registered Cirencester 4th quarter
1900gro,cen Quenington   30 September, birth of daughter Lucy Kathleen G, birth registered Cirencester 4th quarter
1901cenQuenington 25 Quenington at parents' home with daughter Lucy R. Husband at Fairford, see under Eva below
1902gro,cen Fairford      birth of son Allan H W, birth registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
1902gro    husband died, death registered Cirencester, 3rd quarter
1911cenFairford38assisting headQueningtonwith sister Eve (head of household) and daughter Lucy. Son with sister Miriam in South Cerney (qv)
1919 erFairford   voter, householder
erQuenington   voter, householder, and probably beyond 1937
1946 erQuenington   voter, address 3 Woodside
Quenington74  died 2nd February, address 3 Woodside, death registered Cirencester 1st quarter, see probate below
Probate for Ruth: Ruth Baker of 3 Woodside, widow, died 2 Feb 1947, probate Gloucester 19 April to Allan Harold William Baker, engineering fitter, and Lucy Kathleen Godwin Baker, spinster. Effects £900 6s 5d.
Children (selected records):
Lucy Kathleen Godwin Baker (daughter)
1929-37 non-householder voter Quenington, address unknown, probably living with mother.
1946 voter, address 3 Woodside (same as mother)
1950-1953 voter, address Woodside, house number not shown
1994 death registered Cirencester 1994 quarter, age 94
Allan Harold William Baker( son-in-law)
1924-27 Non-household voter Quenington, address simply as Quenington.
1927 Marriage to Gertrude D M Stallard registered Northleach 1927 2nd quarter.
1929-37 voter with Gertrude, address Quenington Hill.
1929 Possible daughter Ruth A, birth registered Cirencester.
1939 at 2, Woodlands with wife Gertrude, technical and source engineer, water supply, travelling >
1946-1950 voter with wife Gertrude, address 2 Woodside.
1947 in mother's probate documents described as engineering fitter
1951 27 April, died at The Memorial Hospital Cirencester, age 49, address 2 Woodside, Quenington, estate admin to wife Gertrude, effects £979 11s 8d.
1953-1960 widow Gertrude continued to live at 2 Woodside
1965-1974 widow Gertrude at Apple Tree Cottages, Victoria Road
1979 widow Gertrude died locally, death registered Cirencester, age 77, full forenames Gertrude Daisy May

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Eva was born in Quenington in 1880. In 1901 she was at the house in Fairford where the two Baker brothers were running the seed business (see under Ruth above). The younger brother was the husband of her sister Ruth. She may have remained at the address with her sister and Charles Baker, for after Charles died in 1909 she was apparently running the business with the assistance of Ruth in 1911. This may not have lasted, for when she was married the following year she is shown as without occupation, and there is no record of the business in the 1914 Kelly Business directory.

In 1912 Eva married Martin Jones, the widower of her oldest sister Mary, see above. He had come to Quenington after Mary's death and was living at Woodside. The marriage took place at a registry office "by certificate", probably in Cirencester, the witnesses were Eva's father and step-mother. Eva was still living at the Milton Steet address in Fairford. Martin had had children by his first wife, but nothing is known about these. On the wedding documentation Martin is described as a schoolteacher, which is compatible with his occupation when he was married to Mary. However, in 1917, when father-in-law William Godwin died, Martin, one of those awarded probate for the estate, was described as a carpenter. Was he now working for the Godwin company?

Martin and Eva are then lost until 1926 when they reappear in Quenington, living at Woodside, but Martin only briefly, for he died the following year at address Copse View, perhaps a Woodside house. Eva continued living at Woodside until the war, at Copse View after the war and later in Mawley Road. In 1939 an Arthur S Buxton was also registered at Eva's house. He was a mechanical engineer,foreman, presumably working at the Godwin factory. Nothing more is yet known of him. Eva died in 1982 at the age of 102. There were probably no children.

Sources: cen=census; cert=certificate; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births, marriages, deaths; prob=probate
1880 cen,gro,schQuenington     born 5 December,, birth registered Cirencester 4th quarter
1881 cenQuenington3m Quenington at home
1885 schQuenington    22 September, enrolled at school, father builder
1890 schQuenington    September, left school
1891 cenQuenington 10   Queningtonat home
1901 cenFairford20 Queningtonat house/shop of brother-in-law Allan Baker (Ruth's husband) and his brother Charles, self-employed seedsmen. Address Milton Street. See footnote 2.
1911 cenFairford30seed merchantQueningtonself-employed. Sister Ruth visiting. Address Milton Street
1912gro,certCirencester32  12 August at Registery Office, married Martin Jones, 46, widower, school-teacher, address Woodside, Quenington. Own address Milton Street, Fairford. Witnesses father W J Godwin and step-mother Emma E. (Martin was the widower of Eva's eldest sister Mary, see above)
1917 prob      husband Martin Jones named as one of three people awarded probate in respect of the estate of father-in-law William James Godwin. Occupation carpenter
1927 erQuenington     voter, with husband Martin, address Woodside
1927 gro,probQuenington    husband Martin died 1 December, age 63, death registered Cirencester 4th quarter, address Copse Field, see administration below
er Quenington   and probably later, householder voter. Address Woodside
1939 39Quenington    living at Copse View (Woodlands), date of birth 3rd Dec 1880. Also living there Arthur S Buxton, born 22nd April 1885, mechanical engineer, foreman
er Quenington   and probably later, voter. Address Copse View
1960er Quenington    voter. Address 5 Carey's Cottages, Mawley Road
1982 groCirencester102  death registered December
Footnote 1
administration for Martin: Martin Jones of Copse Field, Quenington died 1 December 1927. Administration London 19 January 1928 to Eva Jones, widow, £492 5s 9d.
Footnote 2
details of the Baker brothers' business, from Kelly:
1894, Baker brothers, seedsmen and corn dealers, Milton Street, Fairford
1897, Baker brothers, seedsmen and nurserymen, Milton Street, Fairford
1906 and 1910, Charles Barton Baker, seedsman and nurseryman, Milton Street, Fairford
1914, [absent]

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