Vera Ruth Godwin (later Arnold)
and husband Cecil

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Harold's first child Vera Ruth married a man from a local family who would become a Mechanical Engineer and Works Manager at the Godwin factory, with Vera the Company Secretary.

Vera was born in Quenington in 1907, was at home in 1911 and attended the village school. She probably lived in Quenington during and after the war for she appears on the electoral register when she became entitled. a non-householder in 1929. When she married in 1934 she was living in one of the Godwin houses at The Hill.

The marriage took place at the parish church in Roxeth, near Harrow in Middlesex, with Vera's father Harold a witness, the other being an R C Howard. The bridegroom was Cecil John Arnold, an engineer whose father, a carpenter from Quenington, had been working in Middlesex when Cecil was born. After marriage, Vera and Cecil returned to Quenington, where they would remain for the rest of their lives, living at Grey Gables, one of the Godwin houses near the factory. In 1939 Cecil was a factory manager and Vera the company secretary probably at Godwin's. A daughter Rosemary was born in 1938. Unlike the Godwin sons and the other son-in-law (Harold Tugwell) Cecil does not appear in the list of after-hours call-outs for H J Godwin Ltd in the 1950s and 1960s.

Vera died locally in 1979 at the age of 72. Cecil must be the man of his name whose death was registered the following year in Northampton at the age of 77.

Cecil was of an established Quenington family, his father Albert John a carpenter, his grandfather John Fergus a brewer's agent. They were probably of some education, as grandfather had been the enumerator for the 1901 census, father the same in 1911. Albert became landlord of the local Pig and Whistle public house, and this is where Cecil must have spent some of his early years

Cecil's father served in World War 1, lost his life in action in 1918 and was buried in France. After the war Cecil's mother and sister continued to run the Pig and Whistle for a decade or so. But perhaps not Cecil. He does not appear in the Quenington electoral register when he becomes eligible in 1925. Perhaps he is the man of that name, non-householder and apparently unmarried, who was boarding at an address in Wandsworth, London, in 1924-31. When next identified on his marriage in Middlesex in 1935, he was living at an address in Roxeth, near Harrow.

As shown above he returned to Quenington with his wife and took up employment in the Godwin factory, living at a house in Springfield Road. He died in 1981 at the age of 77.

date sourceplace age or
date of birth
occupation birthplace detail
Sources: cen=census; cert=certificate; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births/marriages/deaths; mil=military docs; par=parish records; sch=school admissions; ship=passenger lists; tel=telephone directory
Vera Ruth
1907 gro,cen,39,schQuenington       born 10th Feb, birth registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
1911 cenQuenington4     at home
1912 schQuenington      11 Mar, enrolled at village school as Ruth V, father Harold, builder, bon 10th Feb 1907
1920 cenQuenington      10 February, left school
erQuenington       non-householder voter
1935 cert,groRoxeth, Middx26     20 April married Cecil John Arnold in the parish church, event registered Hendon, spinster, address Woodside, Quenington, father Harold Joynes Godwin, Director, witnesses H J Goldwin, R C Howard.
1935 erQuenington       to at least 1937. John and Vera registered as voters
1938 gro.ship Cirencester       10 April daughter Rosemary born. Birth registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
1939 39Quenington   company secretary   at Grey Gables with husband, mother-in-law, servant and two others, birth 10th Feb 1907
erQuenington       and probably later, registered with husband as voter, address Grey Gables
1957 shipSouthampton       cruise to Madeira with father and daughter Rosemary, address Grey Gardens [sic], Quenington, born 10th Feb 1907
1979 groCirencester 72     death registered Cirencester 4th quarter, born 10th Feb 1907
Cecil John
1902 gro,cenWalworth   sister Ivy born, birth registered Southwark, London, 2nd quarter
1902 parActon Green     sister Ivy baptised at St Albert's, address 21 Rothschild Road
1904 gro,39Brentford, Middx     born 10th Feb, birth registered 1st quarter
1904 parActon Green     baptised at St Albert's, address 21 Rothschild Villas
1907 schQuenington     15 April, sister Ivy enrolled at village school, father carpenter, address The Green
1909 schQuenington    15 February, enrolled at village school, previous school Harrow. Father carpenter, address The Green
1911 cenQuenington 7 Chiswickat home with father Albert John, carpenter, mother Florence Jane and sister Ivy
1918 milFrance   father killed in action in WW1, "husband of Florence Jane Arnold of the Pig and Whistle (Inn), Quenington"
1919 dirQuenington    father Albert John beerhouse-keeper. Note, as often with Kelly, information out of date, but valid for a recent year
1923, 1927 dirQuenington    mother a beerhouse keeper
1924-31erWandsworth, London    a Cecil Arnold at 127 Fawe Park Road, non-housekeeper apparently unmarried and lodging
1935cert,groRoxeth, Middx31 engineer   20 Apr, married Vera Ruth Godwin, see under Ruth above. Bachelor, address address 122 Walpole Road, Roxeth, father Albert John Arnold deceased
1939 39Quenington Works Manager Mechanic at Grey Gables with wife.mother, servant and two others, born 10th Feb 1904
er Quenington   and probably later, householder voter, with wife Vera Ruth
telQuenington    and possibly earlier, at Grey Gables, tel Coln 269
er Quenington       and probably later, voter, address Grey Gables, with wife and mother Florence
1981 groNorthampton77    death registered 2nd quarter, born 11th Feb 1904

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