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The contribution of the Godwin family in Quenington lies in the foundation of a company which became internationally known and the building of a factory which provided employment to complement the traditional agricultural work in the village. This became a limited company (Godwin Pumps) which was eventually bought by an American organisation. But before the purchase it was very much a family company with Godwins and their spouses occupying directorship and managerial positions.

Five generations of the Godwin family are covered here, summarized as follows. Links to the individual members of the family are shown in the NamesList file (link in left margin)

First and second generations
Sarah Joynes, widow of Thomas. a farmer, arrived in Quenington by 1861 with daughters Miriam and Ann. Miriam was unmarried, Ann was with her husband John Godwin, agricultural labourer. In 1863 Sarah rented two cottages and a piece of land.

Third generation
William Joynes Godwin, son of Thomas and Ann Godwin, joined his parents and grandmother in Quenington by 1869 with his wife and daughter. He was a mason, became a builder, then a dealer in many related things, not least in providing water-pumping equipment. Four more children were born in Quenington.

Fourth generation
William's children were four girls and a boy. The girls left Quenington, though two of them later returned, The boy, Harold, inherited the Godwon business which he developed into a limited company Godwin Pumps:
Mary Ann (1866-1959) married an educational training instructor and left Quenington, had children
Miriam (1869-1959) married a carpenter/builder's foreman and left Quenington, had children
Ruth (1872-1947) left Quenington, married a seedsman in Fairford and later returned to the village with children
Eva (1880-1982) left Quenington, married her sister Mary's widower, now a schoolteacher, and later returned to the village
Harold Joynes (1885-1973) lived in Quenington throughout as director of his company. He had four children

Fifth generation
The children of fourth generation Mary Ann and Miriam are not relevant here as they did not live in Quenington. Nothing is known of any children of Eva. Of the remaining two, Ruth and Harold:
Ruth (182-1947) had children, one of whom, Allan, lived in Quenington on their return to the village and may have held a position in the Godwin factory.
Harold (1872-1973) had four children, two sons and two daughters. All married and were based in Quenington. One of the sons, William Joseph, was a director with his father of the company, the other Reginald Francis, probably worked for the company as a water engineer but later left Quenington. The two daughters married men who were managers in Godwin Pumps and one, Vera, was herself a company secretary, presumably at Godwin's.

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