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Like his brothers and brothers-in-law Reginald initially worked in the Godwin factory in an apparently managerial position. However, while in his early 40s he left Quenington presumably to work elsewhere. He had already had employment in the aircraft industry in the late 1930s.

Reginald was born in January 1915, presumably in Quenington and attended the village school. He probably lived his early life in Quenington for in 1932 he was a witness at the marriage of sister Eva in nearby Coln St Aldwyn and he registered as a voter in Quenington when he came of age in 1936. Later that year he married in the nearby Gloucester district. His wife Marjorie was the daughter of Alfred and Edith Sturt who in 1911 had been at Netheravon Cavalry School in the Pewsey District, he a Squadron Sergeant-Major of the 20th Hussars. They would later come to live with their daughter and son-in-law at Quenington.

A son Alan Joynes was born in Cheltenham in 1937, though when the delayed registration was carried out some six weeks after the birth Reginald was living in the village of Bagendon, just north of Cirencester "as per Declaration of 1st April 1937". He was working as a water engineer, which might indicate employment in his father's company. Reginald was back in Quenington in August 1939 and living at Sunnyside, where daughter Angela Mary was born. Curiously, he was working as an aircraft inspector, perhaps work related to the imminent war.

After the war he and his wife continued to live at Sunnyside, his wife's parents Alfred and Edith Sturt also there. Marjorie died in 1949 at the age of 35 shortly after the birth of daughter Susan and is buried in the village cemetery, and in 1950 Reginald was the only registered voter at Sunnyside. In 1952 he married Joan E Payne, nee Burrows, by licence in the Registry Office at Cirencester, and Joan joined him at Sunnyside. Joan, a divorcee, was the daughter of a professional musician.

Reginald was working for Godwin Pumps in the 1950s, one of the out-of-hours contacts on a telephone number associated with the company's Service and Spares Department. However, in 1957 he was replaced in this role by a T P May who also moved into Sunnyside, the timing defined by the registration of Mr May's daughter at the village school in November of that year. Reginald disappeared from the Quenington voting list and had clearly left the village.

The family may have continued to live in the Cirencester registration district, though not in Quenington. The marriages of women bearing his daughters' names - Jennifer S and Susan M - were registered in Cirencester in 1966 and 1968. These then moved to Swindon and Manchester repectively where children were born. Reginald himself has not yet been further identified, though he is likely to be the Reginald Francis Godwin whose death was registered in Chelmsford, Essex in 2001 at the age of 86.

Five children are known: Alan Joynes 1937, Angela May 1939, Jennifer S 1943 and Susan M 1949 and, by his second wife, Denise 1952. All births were registered in Cirencester.

occupation birthplacedetail
sources: cem=cemetery inscription; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births/marriages/deaths; sch=school register; tel=telephone directory
1915 gro,cen,39Quenington   Queningtonborn 27th Jan, birth registered Cirencester 1st quarter
1918 schQuenington   enrolled at village school, born 26th Jan 1915, address Quenington, father Harold, contractor
1924 schQuenington    left village school (exact date unknown)
1932 certColn St Aldwyn    witness at sister Eva's wedding
1936 erQuenington     to at least 1937, non-householder voter
1936 groGloucester    marriage to Marjorie M Sturt registered 3rd quarter
1937 gro,certCheltenham   19 February, son Alan Joynes born at Rosehurst, Barretts Mill Walk.
1937 certBagendon, Glos water engineer 2nd April, address Hilcot, Perrotts Brook, see footnote for context
1939 gro,sch,
Quenington aircraft inspector  21 August, daughter Angela Mary born at Sunnyside, birth registered Cirencester
1939 39Quenington inspector of aircraft works 29 Sept at Sunnyside with wife and 2 others, birth 27th Jan 1915
1943 groCirencester   birth of daughter Jennifer S registered 2nd quarter
1943 schQuenington    29 Sept 1943, daughter Angela enrolled at village school, birth 21 August 1939, left 1 April 1944
erQuenington     voter with wife Marjorie, also Alfred and Edith Sturt, address Sunnyside
1949 groCirencester   birth of daughter Susan M registered 1st quarter
1949 gro,cemQuenington   death of wife Marjorie registered Cirencester 2nd quarter, age 35, buried in village cemetery 13 April
1950 erQuenington     householder voter, address Sunnyside
1950 telQuenington    address Sunnyside, tel Coln 265
1952 groCirencester   birth of daughter Denise registered 2nd quarter
1952 gro,certCirencester37water engineer 10 Sept, marriage to Joan E Payne, nee Burrows at Registry Office, witnesses JC and LW Grainger, address of bride and groom Sunnyside, Quenington
er Quenington   (and probably earlier), voter, with wife Joan E, address Sunnyside
telQuenington   out-of-hours contact, tel Coln 275, for H J Godwin Ltd, assoc spares/service. Replaced in 1958 by T P May
gro,erQuenington   Reginald Godwin absent, Thomas P May living at Sunnyside.
2001 groChelmsford 86  death of a Reginald Francis Godwin registered January, birthdate 16/1/1915
Further information re birth of Alan Joynes in 1937. Birth registered in Cheltenham by Reginald on 2nd April. Own address shown as Hilcot, Perrotts Brook, Bagendon "as per Declaration dated 1st April 1937". Same address given in the context of occupation

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