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Table 1 : Surname Godwin

Alan Joynes 1937-son of Reginald Francis Godwin 
Alice  see Alice Smith, table 2 
Ann (nee Joynes) mother of William Joynes Godwinmarried to John Godwin
Angela Mary 1939-daughter of Reginald Francis Godwin 
Emily Elizabeth  see Emily Durrant, table 2 
Eva1880-1982daughter of William Joynes Godwinmarried Martin Jones
Eva Eliza1908-2001daughter of Harold Joynes Godwinmarried Alfred H Tugwell
Harold Joynes1885-1973son of William Joynes Godwinmarried Alice Smith
Gladys  see Gladys Smith, table 2 
Jean E  see Jean Payne, table 2 
John(1814)father of William Joynes Godwinmarried to Ann Godwin, nee Jounes
Marjorie  see Marjorie Sturt, table 2 
Mary Ann1866-1911daughter of William Joynes Godwinmarried Martin Jones
Miriam1869-1959daughter of William Joynes Godwinmarried Henry Fleetwood
Reginald Francis1916-2001son of Harold Joynes Godwinmarried 1, Marjorie Sturt, 2. Jean E Payne
Ruth1872-1947daughter of William Joynes Godwinmarried Allan Baker
Ruth  see Ruth Radway, table 2 
Vera Ruth1907-1979daughter of Harold Joynes Godwinmarried Cecil J Arnold
William Joseph1912-1965son of William Joynes Godwinmarried 1. Gladys Smith, 2. Yolande Harris
William Joynes1841-1917son of John Godwinmarried 1, Ruth Radway, 2. Emily Elizabeth Durrant
Yolande  see Yolande Harris, table 2 
Denise1952-daughter of Reginald Francis Godwin 
Jennifer S1943-daughter of Reginald Francis Godwin 
Susan M1949-daughter of Reginald Francis Godwin 

Table 2 : Other Surnames
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Arnold, Cecil J1904-1980husband of Vera Ruth Godwin
Arnold, Rosemary1938-daughter of Vera Ruth Godwin
Baker, Allan1856-1901husband of Ruth Godwin
Baker, Allan Harold Wm1902-1951son of Ruth Godwin
Baker, Lucy K Godwin 1900-1994daughter of Ruth Godwin
Durrant, Emily Elizabeth  second wife of William Joynes Godwin
Dyke, Edith  nurse to 4Harold Joynes Godwin
Fleetwood, Dorothy Ruth1895-1985daughter of Miriam Godwin
Fleetwood, Henry-1946husband of Miriam Godwin
Harris, Yolande 1916- second wife of William Joseph Godwin
Jones, Jessie Eleanor1896-daughter of Mary Ann Godwin
Jones, Ethel Ruth1892- daughter of May Ann Godwin
Jones, Martin 1865-1927husband of 1. Mary Ann Godwin, 2. Eva Godwin
Jones, Muriel 1907- daughter of Mary Ann Godwin
Joynes, Miriam aunt of William Joynes Godwin
Joynes, Sarah  grandmother of William Joynes Godwin
Joynes, Thomas  grandfather of William Joynes Godwin
Payne, Jean E  second wife of Reginald Francis Godwin
Radway, Ruth 1840-1906first wife of William Joynes Godwin
Smith, Alice 1884-1946wife of Harold Joynes Godwin
Smith, Gladys -1942 first wife of William Joynes Godwin
Stallard, Gertrude D M 1901-1979wife of AllanHarold Wm Baker
Sturt, Marjorie 1914- first wife of Reginald Francis Godwin
Tugwell, Alfred H1897-1978husband of Eva Eliza Godwin