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William's fifth child and only son Harold Joynes Godwin took over the Godwin business when his father died. A factory was built in the 1920s and the business established in the 1930s as a limited company, Godwin Pumpss. Council houses were built opposite the factory to cope with the influx of workers.

Harold was born in December 1885 in Quenington. He attended the village school and was at home until at least 1901, when he was working as a carpenter. In 1906 he married Alice Smith. She was born in about 1884 in Colesbourne, Gloucestershire, the daughter of a farm worker. By 1901 the Smiths had moved to Coln St Aldwyns, when Alice was in service with the family of a retired army officer in Painswick.

Harold was living in Quenington in 1911, probable next door to his father at The Hill, with his wife and the two daughters, Vera Ruth, born in 1907, and Eva Eliza, in 1908. He was working as a builder/contractor's foreman, presumably in his father's business. There were two further children, sons, William Joseph, born in 1912, and Reginald Francis, in 1915. Both his sons and both sons-in-law would work in the family business.

Harold would have been eligible to serve in World War 1 but no documentation has survived; his listing as a resident voter in Quenington in 1918 and 1919 shows that he was not a serving soldier in the last months of the war. He continued to live in the village during the inter-war years. At some point he moved to The Poplars, now called Godwin House, where he is recorded from at least the 1930s. This house is only a few steps from the Godwin factory.

Harold was a frequent traveller by sea. Perhaps some of the trips were for business purposes (the company had international connections), others as pleasure cruises. During the 1930s he sailed twice to Mediterranean ports. In August 1931 he sailed from London to Tangier, then back from Gibraltar to Plymouth, a round trip of 24 days. And in January 1939 a round trip from an unknown port to Marseilles and back from there to London 17 days later. On the first occasion he travelled with Walter Gardner, like him an engineer, on the second apparently alone. Perhaps these were business trips?

Also in the 1930s and again after the war he made three presumably leisure voyages with his wife Alice or another member of the family. In February 1937 he and his wife Alice arrived at Southampton on the Balmoral Castle from Port Elizabeth, South Africa; the outward trip has not been identified. In April/May 1939 he and Alice sailed to New York and back with his wife on the Queen Mary, staying 12 days in the city at the Sheldon Hotel. After the war, in December 1954/January 1955 he made a round trip to Buenos Aries with his daughter Eva Tugwell. In 1957/58 he voyaged to Madiera again, with son William and daughter Ruth.

Harold's wife died in 1946 at the age of 67 and lies in Quenington cemetery. He continued to live at The Poplars, with Edith R Dyke from probably 1947 as a nurse-companion. This was her description in the ship's manifest when she accompanied him in 1950 on a three-week cruise to Madeira. She remained at the Poplars until at least 1974.

Harold continued to live at The Poplars in Quenington after World War 2, indeed until his death. He is listed as an out-of-hours contact for the business in local telephone directories in the 1950s and 1960s. Only from 1970 is he listed separately from the business, with his own phone number at the Poplars.

Harold died in 1973 at the age of 88, his death registered in Bath. He was brought back for burial in Quenington, next to his wife.

The documentation shows the progress of Harold's occupations: carpenter (1901), builder/contractor's foreman (1911), builder (1912), contractor (1916-1927), engineer (1930s), company director (1950s). The company is described as waterworks contractors in the 1920s, engineers in the 1930s and 1950s, and windmill and pump manufacturers in 1958.

Pictured: The Poplars, Harold's lifetime home, in Springfield Road, Quenington, within a few paces of the family works, is now called Godwin House.

Nothing has been found of the Godwins in local parish records of baptisms, marriages, burials around this time. He may not have been of the Church of England persuasion, for when he registered at the village school the register shows in the column headed Exempt from Religious Instruction 'Yes, partially', for Harold. However, the Bible quotation written on the photograph of Harold's mother (see William Joynes file) must indicate that the family was of Christian persuasion. It may be worth noting that there was an Independent Chapel in the village and a Plymouth Brethren Meeting Room at The Hill, near where the Godwins were living.

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datesourceplaceage or
Sources: cem=cemetery inscription; cen=census; dir= commercial directory; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births, marriages, deaths; prob=probate; sch=school; ship=passenger lists; tel=telephone directory; 1939 register
1885 gro,cen,39Quenington   born 2 December, birth registered Cirencester 1st quarter 1886
1891 cenQuenington5 Queningtonat home
1892 schQuenington   25 April, enrolled at school, father builder. Partially exempt from Religious Knowledge
1896 schQuenington   27 January, left school
1901 cenQuenington15carpenterQuenington at home
1906 groCirencester   marriage to Alice Smith registered 1906
1907 gro,cenQuenington   10 February, birth of daughter Vera Ruth, birth registered Cirencester 1st quarter
1908 gro,cen,
Quenington    14 July, birth of daughter Eva Eliza, birth registered Cirencester 3rd quarter
1911 gro,cen
Quenington 25builder/contractor
Quenington at home with wife and children, address The Hill
1912schQuenington builder 11 March, daughters Ruth and Eva enrolled at school
1912 gro,ship     2 May, birth of son William Joseph, birth registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
1915 gro    birth of son Reginald Francis registered Cirencester
1916schQuenington contractor 3 July, son William enrolled at school
1917prob  builder one of three granted probate in respect of father's estate
1918 erQuenington       to at least 1937, householder voter with wife Alice, juror from 1922
1918schQuenington contractor 22 April, son Reginald enrolled at school
1920 telQuenington  contractor to at least 1931. Godwin H J, waterworks contractors, tel Coln St Aldwyn 6
1923 dirQuenington contractor Harold J Godwin, contractor (Kelly's)
1927 dirQuenington contractor Harold J Godwin, contractor (Kelly's)
1931 shipLondon 45engineer 7 August, en route to Tangier on ss Mantua with Walter Gardner, engineer
1931 shipPlymouth 45engineer  31 August, arr from Gibralter on ss Barabool with Walter Gardner, engineer
1932 certQuenington engineer witness at marriage of daughter Eva Eliza
1935 certRoxeth, Middx director witness at marriage of daughter Vera
1935 telQuenington engineer to 1939, Godwin H J Ltd, engineers, tel Coln St Aldwyns 36
1937 shipSouthampton engineer 22 February, arr from Port Elizabeth (S Africa) on ss Balmoral Castle with wife Alice, address The Poplars, Quenington
1939 dirQuenington     private resident, address The Poplars. H J Goldwin Ltd, pumping machinery mfrs, tel: Coln St Aldwyn 36, 37, 38
1939 ship[unclear]53 engineer 10 January, en route to Marseilles on ss Rawalpindi, address The Poplars, Quenington
1939 shipLondon53engineer 27 January, arr from Marseilles on ss Corfu, address The Poplars, Quenington
1939 shipSouthampton53 engineer  15 May, arr from New York on ss Queen Mary with wife Alice, address The Poplars, Quenington
1939 39Quenington  engineer (director)  29 Sep, at home with wife Alice, date of birth 2 Dec 1885
1946 cem,groMarylebone,
   11 March, death of wife Alice, death registered 1st quarter
erQuenington   voter in Quenington, address The Poplars, Springfield Road. Edith Dyke also listed at least 1946-74, see also 1950 entry
1948 certCheltenham company director second marriage of son William
1950 shipSouthampton co director  26 January, en route to Madeira on ss Venus, with Edith R Dyke, nurse companion, both of The Poplars, Quenington
1950 shipSouthampton64director 17 February, arr from Madeira on ss Venus, with Edith Dyke, nurse, both of The Poplars, Quenington
1952 certCirencester water engineer second marriage of son Reginald
1954 ship[unclear]68director 18 December, enroute to Buenos Aires on ss Alcantara with daughter Eve Tugwell, address The Poplars, Quenington
1955 shipSouthampton2/12/85co director 2 January 1955, arr from Buenos Aires (embarked Southampton) on ss Alcantara with daughter Eva Eliza Tugwell, address The Poplars, Quenington
1955 telQuenington     to 1957 Godwin H J Ltd, engineers, tel Coln St Aldwyns 271
1957 shipSouthampton2/12/85co director 2 December, en route Funchal on ss Venus with daughter Ruth Arnold and granddaughter Rosemary Ann, address The Poplars, Quenington
As shown, but trip probably delayed to 18 December
1957 shipSouthampton2/12/85director 18 December, en route Madeira on ss Venus, with son and daughter-in-law William and Yolande, address The Poplars, Quenington
Probably delayed from 2 December
1958 shipSouthampton2/12/85director 7 January, arr from Funchal on ss Venus, with daughter Ruth Arnold and granddaughter Rosemary Ann, address The Poplars, Quenington
1958 telQuenington     to 1959 Godwin H J Ltd, windmill and pumps mfrs, tel Coln St Aldwyns 271
1963 telQuenington     to 1971 Godwin H J Ltd, tel Col St Aldwyn 271
1971telQuenington     H J Godwin, The Poplars, tel Coln St Aldwyn 362
1973 groBath88  death registered 4th quarter
1973 memQuenington    buried in village cemetery

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