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Eva Eliza married an engineer from outside Quenington who would become a foreman at the Godwin factory. She was born in Quenington in 1908, the second child of Harold Joynes Godwin, and attended the village school. Presumably she lived at home during and immediately after World War 1. However, this cannot be confirmed post-war as she does not appear in the electoral register when she qualified in 1929. She eventually appeared in 1932, the year when her future husband Alfred Harold Tugwell was first listed in Quenington. That year she married Harold, as he preferred to be known, in the parish church at nearby Coln St Aldwyns. Harold's background is given in the following paragraphs. After their marriage Eva and Harold lived in Quenington, and two daughters were born, Barbara in 1934, Jacqueline in 1937. From at least 1939 they lived at the house called the Limes, next door to Eva's sister. Harold died in 1978, aged 80, Eva in 2001 at the age of 93. They are buried in the cemetery at Quenington.

Eva's husband was baptised Alfred Harold Tugwell and appears thus in the more formal documents. However, he preferred to be known as Harold and will be referred to thus here except when quoting direct from formal documents. He was born in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, in 1897, the third of four sons of Richard, who owned a drapery business in Church Street in that town. He was at home in 1901, with parents and two older brothers, and in 1911, a schoolboy, with widowed mother (his father had died in 1909) and youngest brother

Like his two older brothers Harold would have been eligible for service in World War 1, from 1916. There are two medals cards for soldiers named Alfred Tugwell, one a private in the Northamptonshire Regiment, one a driver in the Army Service Corps. However, no personal military documents have been seen and it is not possible to say which of these, if indeed either, may be Harold.

There is now a gap of a decade. Unlike his elder brothers Harold did not return to Tetbury immediately after the war, and has so far not been found. He returned in 1927, in time to be listed as a voter in Tetbury the following year, when he was living at the family drapers, which was being run by his mother and one son. He was a non-residential voter, almost certainly unmarried. His occupation is unknown. He must have moved to Quenington in 1931, in time to appear on the 1932 electoral register, still as a non-householder; his address is unknown. In 1932 he married Eva Eliza Godwin in nearby Coln St Aldwyn, though they were both living in Quenington.

Harold worked in the Godwin family firm as a pattern-maker and in 1939 was an engineer foreman. He was listed among the out-of-hours contacts for the business in the 1950s and 1960s and there are photographs of him on the factory floor apparently instructing a worker or checking work. The one given here shows him with worker Bill Cuss.

Eva Eliza
datesourceplaceageoccupation birthplacedetail
Sources: cen=census; cert=certificate; er=electoral register; gro=central record of births, marriages, death; sch=school records; ship=passenger list; tel=telephone directory
1908 gro,39Cirencester    born 14th Jun, birth registered 3rd quarter
1911 cenQuenington2 Quenington at home
1912 schQuenington     date unclear, enrolled at village school, address Quenington, father builder
1920 schQuenington     left school
1932 erQuenington     voter, non-householder
1932cert,groColn St Aldwyn24   23 July, married Alfred Harold Tugwell at parish church, marriage registered Northleach, spinster, residence Quenington, father Harold Joynes Godwin, engineer, witnesses H J Godwin, R E Tugwell, R Godwin, see also under Alfred below
er Quenington   and probably later, with husband, voter
1934 groCirencester      birth of daughter Barbara J registered 4th quarter
1937 groCirencester      birth of daughter Jacqueline E registered 4th quarter
1939 39Quenington      with husband and 2 probably children, at The Limes, born 14th June 1909 (sic)
er Quenington       and probably earlier, with husband, voter
1954 shipSouthampton46 housewife  8 December, left with father on ss Alcantara to Buenos Aires, address The Limes, Quenington
1955 shipSouthampton  housewife  23 January, arrived with father on ss Alcantara from Buenos Aires, address The Limes, Quenington, born 14th Jul 1908
tel Quenington       husband on out-of-hours call for HJ Godwin on number Coln 273
tel Quenington       husband listed, address The Limes, tel Coln 351
1978 gro Bournemouth      death of husband registered 4th quarter, age 80, birthdate 9/12/1898
telQuenington      E E Tugwell at The Limes, tel Coln 351, and no doubt other dates during the 1980s and 1990s
2001 groCirencester 93     death registered August,birth 13th Jun 1908
Alfred Harold Tugwell
1898 gro,cen,39Tetbury   born 9th Dec
1899 gro,cenTetbury   birth registered 1st quarter
1901cenTetbury2 Tetburyat home, Church St, with father Richard draper born Tetbury, mother Helena Kate born Cornwall, brothers Richard C (7), William V (4)
1909 probTetbury   February, death of father, see probate details below
1911 cenTetbury12schoolboyTetburyat home, Church street, with widowed mother, draper and outfitter, and brother Donald Trewin, 6. As Harold Alfred
191xmil      for possible military service see below
1930 erTetbury   non-householder voter, address 12 Church Street, with mother brother and sister-in-law
1932 erQuenington   non-householder voter, as Harold.
1932cert,groColn St Aldwyn33pattern maker 23 July, married Eva Eliza Godwin at parish church, marriage registered Northleach, bachelor, residence Quenington, father Richard Tugwell (deceased) draper, see also under Eva Eliza above
1933 erQuenington   to at least 1937, householder voter together with wife Eva. As Harold.
1939 39Quenington   engineer foreman pattern maker  at The Limes with wife and two erased, born 9th Dec 1898
1948 probWooton-under-
   death of mother, see probate detail below
erQuenington   and probably earlier, householder voter together with wife Eva.
1954 shipQuenington   and 1955, address The Limes - see under wife Eva's details, above
telQuenington   out-of-hours on-call for H R Godwin's at number Coln 273
telQuenington   address The Limes, tel Coln 351
1978 groBournemouth80  death registered 4th qtr. Date of birth 8th December 1898, to Quenington for burial
There are medals card, but no personal documents, for two soldiers named Alfred Tugwell. Both received the British and Victory medals but no Stars, and thus served abroad after 1915:
1. Northamptonshire Regt, Private, number 32580
2. Army Service Corps, Driver, number T4/088784

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