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The Pelly family, Florence and three adult daughters,, arrived at Quenington Court in about 1947. Florence was the widow of Percy John, like his father a London stockbroker. He was the grandson of Sir John Henry, 1st baronet Pelly of Upton, Essex, who had been a director of the Hudson Bay Company and of the Bank of England.

Around the turn of the century the family had lived in Sussex, where the daughters were born in 1884 (Florence Eileen Clare), 1896 (Doris Eileen) and 1900 Iva Marion). Perhaps Percy had taken early retirement, for his occupation in the 1891 census as stockbroker had been replaced in 1901 by 'private means'. By 1910 they had moved to Stanton Court, Stanton, Gloucestershire, Percy still living by private means. Stanton Court was a Jacobean manor house, later extended, now a Grade II listed building. Recently (2014) it has been offered for sale at 11 million. After the first war, in 1918, they were living at the Priory in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, an 18th-century 3-storey building with 19th-century additions, also now a Grade II listed building.

Percy died in 1932 and the family remained at The Priory until at least 1939. He left a large sum of money, and wife and daughters were clearly very wealthy. Iva went on two trans-Atlantic voyages. The first, in May to November 1925, was to visit a friend in Toronto, the second, in June to October 1934, to visit a friend in British Columbia followed by travel in the Western USA. In September 1939, just after the beginning of the second war, Iva was at a hotelin Axbridge, Somerset, apparently on holiday, her sister Doris was doing unspecified volunteer work in Berkshire. Mother and daughter Florence were at home.

Mother and daughters arrived in Quenington Court in about 1947 and at least one would occupy the house until the 1960s or 1970s. Mother Florence and daughter Florence, known as Clare, died in the 1950s and second daughter Doris left. Rumours in the village suggested suicide but there is no documentary evidence of her death then. More likely was the suggestion that she had emigrated to Norway - it seems that the family had connections there and employed au pairs from that country.

Iva remained and was in Quenington until her death in 1985 at the age of 85. However she had left The Court before then, her address at death being The Little House in the village.

A nearby family in the village knew Iva. The Bayliss family of Vale Cottage did various jobs for her and one, mother Dorothy, once accompanied Iva on holiday to Scotland' where they met Viscountess Alanbrooke. Iva and the viscountess were related, great-granddaughters of Sir John Henry Pelly. Details under Frederick Percival Bayliss in www.queningtonbayliss.co.uk .