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A lease was prepared in 1939 for Arthur Mitchell. It was for 21 years with breaks at 7 and 14 years. He was also to rent fishing rights, presumably the same as those taken by George Cameron Day, and the same cost of 50 a season. But it seems that it was not followed through, perhaps in part because of improvements that were needed to the house and which were the subject of correspondence involving solicitors in Birmingham. At the time he was living in his own house in Charlton Kings near Cheltenham where he had been since 1920, where he still was on the day (29th September 1939) when he would have moved into Quenington Court and where he still was after the war from 1946. Also, there was a new tenant at The Court from about 1942.

Nevertheless he is of interest as another example of the wealthy people who lived at The Court. He was a brewer and son of a brewer who when the lease was prepared was Managing Director of a major national brewing company, Mitchells and Butlers in Birmingham.

Arthur was born in Staffordshire in 1873, son of a brewer who was wealthy enough to employ servants. He married in Cheltenham in 1908, his bride was from Broadway in Gloucestershiure, he living in Warwickskire. In 1920 he bought Glanfall House, just outside Charlton Kings near Cheltenham. This was a Regency style house which is now a Grade II listed building and luxury hotel, set in a park with pleasure gardens and terraced gardens. Mitchell was an admirer of the Arts and Crafts Movement and he employed Sidney Barnsley Norman Jewson and Peter Waals to extend and furnish the house and to create the terraced gardens to the west of the house with the orchard beyond. Mitchell owned the house until his death. He also bought the nearby Puckham Farm and adjoining woodland in 1935-36 and it was here that he died in 1965 at the age of 91. His son Stephen continued to live at Puckham.

1873 gro,39,cen Smethwick, Staffs 7   born 24th Jul
1881cen Leek Wooton, Warks   at home at Leek Wooton, Warks with parents, siblings and servants, father brewer
1908 par Cheltenham  14th Jan, married Ida Mabel Biden at Parish Church, 34, address Wellesbourne, brewer, father Henry brewer, Ida's address Broadway, Glos
1910 par Leek Wooton, Warks  brewer 19 Apr, baptism of daughter Ruth Norah, address The Vicarage
1911cenLeek Wooton, Warks 37 brewery managing directorat The Vicarage with wife, daughter and 6 servants
1920-39 er,doc,39Cheltenham   at The Glenfall, Cheltenham
1939 doc Quenington   lease prepared for tenancy of Quenington Court of up to 21 years
193939 Cheltenham  managing directorliving at the Glenfall, MD and chaiman of Mitchells and Butlers, Birmingham
1948, 1950serCheltenham   at Glenfall House, Charlton Kings
1950prob Cheltenham    death of wife Ida 11th March, address Glenfall House, Charlton Kings
1965 pro,groBirmingham 91  died 29 March, address Puckham Cottage, Puckham Wood, near Cheltenham, death registered Cheltenham 1st quarter, probate in Birmingham, effects 89,653