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On 24th April 1901 a 3-year lease was prepared for Major C P Lees to occupy Quenington Court from 14th April that year. But if it was taken up it must have been for a very short time. The extant copy of the lease is stamped TERMINATED on an unknown date and in June the following year George Cameron Day arrived as tenant. There is one other known reference. In the Kelly Directory for Cheshire in 1902 Major Lees is shown as a county magistrate for Middlewich with home address as Quenington Court. Perhaps therefore there was a brief tenancy.

Major Lees was, like other tenants, a wealthy man. He was born in 1859 in Lancashire, was privately educated and began as an agricultural student. He later joined the army and became an officer in the Chesire Militia. He lived later in Oxfordshire and in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire before his brief association with Quenington. Thereafter he lived in Oundle, Northants. During the first war he served with the Cheshire Regiment at home as a Major/Honorary Colonel. He died in Oundle in 1929.

1859 gro Oldham, Lancs     birth registered 3rd quarter
1871 cen Layton & Warbeck, Lancs 11 schoolboy at a prep school
1881 cen Sirbirn, Oxon 21 agricultural pupil at Home Farm
1889 gro,par Eltham, London 30 gentleman marriage, see below
1891 cen Middlewich 31 JP living on own eans, with son Percy, 8, and 4servants
1895-96 dir Headington, Oxon     at Shotover Lodge,Headington, Oxon
1896 dir Iffley, Oxon      
1900 par Iffley   major in militia 20 Jan, birth of daughter Vivian
1901 cen Newent, Glos 41 major in militia living on own means, with wife, children and 3 servants
1901 doc Quenington  :   lease prepared for tenancy of Quenington Court
1902 doc Middlewich, Cheshire   county magistrate address Quenington, Fairford, Glos
1902 mil     Major in Cheshire Regiment
1906-14 dir Oundle, Northants   Colonel address Herne Lodge
1911 cen Oundle, Northants 51 Colonel rtd (special reserve) at Herne Lodge with wife, daughter and 3 servants
1914 mil     hon Colonel 3rd Bn, Cheshire Regt
1919 mil     Major, hon Colonel elegibility confirmed for unspecified badge
1929 gro,prob Oundle, Northants 64   died at Herne Lodge, probate to Eric Vivian, Cdr RN, Hamilton Thomas Parkins, gentleman, effects 19232 6s 1d
26 Jun 1889 at Eltham, marriage to Anna Madelaine Allpress, residence Eltham, 22, father Edward 'esquire'. Own residence Middlewich, Cheshire, father John William 'esquire'