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Beerhouses were established under a law of 1830, one of the aims of which was to wean the 'working classes' off spirits, particularly gin. They sold just beer for consumption on or off the premises. There were three in Quenington, the first probably dating from the 1840s. Two, the Keeper's Arms and the Earl Grey, were in the centre of the village; the third, the Pig and Whistle, was to the north-west.

All three establishments would seem initially to have been privately owned but at least two (Keeper's Arms and Pig and Whistle) soon passed into the ownership of brewery companies in Cirencester and Stroud). A feature of all three, even when owned by breweries, was that licences passed down through individual families.

The Keeper's Arms was owned by a John Hollister probably as early as the 1840s. It passed to his son Thomas, during whose tenure the establishment and four cottages were acquired by the Cirencester Brewery. After that the licence was held by members of an extended family - George Gibson, widow, nephew, nephew's son - over the best part of a century.

The Pig and Whistle, again initially in private ownership, was acquired at some point by Smith and Sons of the Brimscombe Brewery in Stroud and was later bought by the Cirencester Brewery. Again the licence was held by members of one extended family for half a century.

The Earl Grey dates from at least 1851. It was owned then by Thomas Moss probably until his death in 1908. Again the licence passed down within a single extended family = Thomas, widow, nephew - until 1946.

Only the Keeper's Arms still exists, now a traditional public house with food and accommodation. The other two are now private houses.

Links to all three establishments are here in the left margin. Individual landlords/licensees can be accessed through the following table.

Arnold Albert JohnPig and Whistle
Arnold FlorencePig and Whistle
Bayliss SydneyKeeper's Arms
Claridge Arthur W TPig and Whistle
Claridge EmilyPig and Whistle
Claridge WalterPig and Whistle
Gibson GeorgeKeeper's Arms
Gibson MaryKeeper's Arms
Harris CharlesKeeper's Arms
Harris JohnKeeper's Arms
Hollister JohnKeeper's Arms
Hollister MaryKeeper's Arms
Hollister ThomasKeeper's Arms
Ivin ElizabethPig and Whistle
Ivin RichardPig and Whistle
Ivin WilliamPig and Whistle
Moss JamesEarl Grey
Moss SarahEarl Grey
Smith WilliamPig and Whistle
Strange James ArthurEarl Grey
Timms Gordon EricEarl Grey
Webb HenryPig and Whistle
Willis JonahPig and Whistle

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