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John Simpson farmed in Quenington, on Tombs Farm, for perhaps a decade in the 1840s and 1850s. He was not a traditional farmer, but came to farming via other occupations.

John was baptised in nearby Poulton in 1817, son of John, baker, and Hannah of Quenington. Hannah’s maiden name was Wakefield and it is thus likely she was one of the family of that name farming at Mawley’s farm in Quenington. John was living in Quenington when, in 1839, he was in Cheltenham to marry the daughter of Robert Braine, a farmer. He himself was a bacon factor, his father a ‘gent’.

The couple returned to Quenington where children were born. John followed his father in becoming a baker, but by 1845 he was a farmer, replacing Mrs Yells on the Tombs Farm, 258 acres, owned by Jenkin Thomas. He owned a freehold house and garden in his native Poulton. He had left Quenington by 1861 to farm in Warwickshire and died in 1890 at the age of 73.

While working as a baker in Quenington he occupied a freehold house and land owned by a Richard Smith of Oxford. On leaving he was replaced by William Kemble, also a baker.

1817parPoulton   12 Jan, baptised, father John (baker), mother Hannah
1839parCheltenhamfullbacon factormarried Eliza Braine, see below
1839parQuenington   dealer29 Oct, baptism of daughter Jane
1841 cenQuenington baker wife Eliza, daughters Ann (5), Jane (2), all born Gloucestershire
1842erQuenington  occupying freehold house and land owned by Richard Smith of Oxford
1845,46erQuenington  occupying Tombs Farm owned by Thomas Jenkin of Cheltenham
1848 parQuenington  farmer 21 Dec, baptism of daughter Elizabeth
1850 docQuenington   joint executor on will of John Newman, agricultural labourer
1850,53er Quenington  occupying land in Quenington, owner of freehold house and garden in London Street, Poulton
1851cenQuenington34farmer 258 acres, with wife Eliza (35) and daughter Jane 11
1851 docQuenington  yeomanprobate of will of John Newman (see 1850)
1853.56dirQuenington   farmer 
1861 cenHonington, Warks43farmerSt Dennis Farm, 340 acres, with wife and daughter
1871cenHonington, Warks53farmerSt Dennis Farm
1890groShipston-on-Stour73 death registered 2nd quarter
marriage, Cheltenham Parish Church, 5 January 1839
John Simpson, full age, occupation bacon factor, address Quenington, father John gent
Eliza Braine, full age, no occupation, address 422 High Street Cheltenham, father Robert farmer