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The Price family were major farmers in Quenington for the first eight decades of the nineteenth century and possibly earlier. Three generations worked at Manor and Court Farms, both owned by the Hicks Beach family, and later also at Tombs Farm when it came into the possession of Hicks Beach. They were perhaps of some social standing in the village, being variously listed among the village gentry in commercial directories, being suffixed as 'Esq' and Gentleman. The remaining family left Quenington in the 1870s at the time of the reorganisation of farming in the village and probably emigrated to Canada. He died in Toronto in 1883.

Charles  glebe and other land
Manor Farm
RobertCharlesís sonManor Farm
Court Farm
ElizabethRobertís widowCourt Farm 1851
ThomasRobertís sonCourt Farm
Manor Farm
1863- ?
CharlesRobertís sonunknown
Manor Farm
Tombs Farm
Court and Tombs Farms

The family lived in Quenington Court as the farmhouse for Court Farm, see 1869, 1870, 1871 in the Charles jnr table below. Probably the same house was referred to as the 'Manor House with large barn [and] sheds' (Robert 1847).

Charles Price

Charles Price was the first of the line of the Price family at Manor Farm in Quenington. But before that, from at least 1787 to 1802 he was the tenant of, and perhaps living at Sir John Webb's South Farm in Hatherop, where children were born in the 1780s. The tenancy ended following the death of Sir John and in 1803 Charles took the tenancy of Manor Farm in Quenington, which he held until his death two years later. He had been earlier associated with Quenington when, in 1776, he was occupying, presumably as a farmer, the village glebe land and also land belonging to a Charles Stephens of Coln St Aldwyns. This must be the Charles Stevens associated with and probably the owner of the land that would become Mawleys's farm (qv). Charles was not there in 1787 and beyond, when Stevens had died and the farm was owned by his widow with John Wakefield as tenant, see under Wakefield. According to his probate documents he was living in Quenington when he died in 1805. He was buried in Fairford and was succeeded as tenant at Manor Farm Quenington by son Robert.

1781-1790parHatherop  children of Charles and Elizabeth Price baptised
1776 erQuenington  occupying houses and lands belonging to Charles Stephens of Coln St Aldwyns, also village glebe land
1787-1802 taxHatherop (farmer)tenant at South Farm, owner Sir John Webb, bart
1803-1805 taxQuenington  tenant at Manor farm
1805parFairford  14 Aug, Henry Price buried at Fairford
1806probGloucester  2nd May, probate Charles Price late of Quenington, executors sons Thomas and John, legacies to widow Elizabeth and sons, estate less than 3500 pounds

Robert Price

Robert Price, who took the tenancy of Manor farm following his father's death in 1805, was baptised in Hatherop on 18th March 1781, son of Charles and Elizabeth. In 1809 he married Elizabeth Brown in her home village of Coln St Aldwyns. Seven children would be born in Quenington, four sons and three daughters, one of each dying in infancy. Robert would remain at Manor farm until about 1843, described in parish records as a renter.

Robert was also occupying, with the rector the Rev Lawrence Latham, and presumably farming, the church's glebe land in 1836. He may have been there for much longer. Electoral registers in the 1830s to the end of the 1850s show that the glebe lands were occupied by the rector "and another". Only in 1836 is this other named.

Robert moved to Court Farm in about 1843, replacing William Stephens who was leaving Quenington. He died in 1847 and his widow Elizabeth ran the farm for a while with the children. She was there in 1851 and had retired ten years later, when she was living in Bisley with son Robert. By this time another son, Thomas was working Court Farm. She died in 1867.

1781 parHatherop  15 Mar, Robert Price, son of Charles and Elizabeth, baptised
1786 par Coln St Aldwyns  25 Apr, Elizabeth Brown baptised 25 Apr
1809parColn St Aldwyns   married Elizabeth Brown by licence
1813parQuenington   renter 12 Feb, son Thomas baptised
1815parQuenington   renter 22 Oct, daughter Emma Maria baptised
1816taxQuenington     occupying Manor Farm of Michael Hicks Beach. Probably earlier (c1806) and certainly later (source, tax documents, of limited date-range)
1817parQuenington   renter 13 Jan, son Robert baptised
1817parQuenington     death of son Robert, buried 11 Jun
1818parQuenington  renter 3 Apr, daughter Anna Maria baptised
1820parQuenington     death of daughter Anna Maria, buried 1 May
1824parQuenington  renter 23 Jan, daughter Mary Ann baptised
1826parQuenington   farmer 27 Jul, son Robert baptised
1828parQuenington   renter 27 Jul, son Charles baptised
1829taxQuenington     occupying Manor farm, proprietor M H Beach Esq
1830dirQuenington   gent listed among the village gentry in Pigott's directory
1836erQuenington     occupying Manor Farm, also the parish glebe land
1841cenQuenington 60 farmer with wife Elizabeth, son Thomas (25), 2 daughters, not near the church
1842dirQuenington   farmer  
1843erQuenington     occupying Court Farm
1845erQuenington     occupying Court Farm
1847docQuenington     occupying the Manor House with large barn, sheds and 605 acres of land
1847parQuenington 65   died, buried 7 Jan
widow Elizabeth
1851cenQuenington    age 65, widow, farmer, 674 acres, with sons Thomas, 38, Robert, 26, Charles, 22, and 2 daughters, living near the church
1853,56dirQuenington   farmerlisted among the 'gentry' in Kelly
1861cenBisley    Elizabeth, 75, at Brownshill House, Bisley, [?finance] holder, with son Robert, 34.
1867probBisley    17 May, death of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Price of Brownshill, Bisley, Glos, died there 17 May 1867, will proved by sons Robert Price of Brownshill, gentleman, and Charles of Quenington, gentleman.

Thomas Price

Thomas, son of Robert, born in or just before 1813 was at home until 1851. In 1853 he was farming at Court Farm which had previously been occupied by his late father and then his mother. He married in 1856 at the age of 43 and continued at Court Farmm, 675 acres in 1861. With him were unmarried sister Emma and married sister Mary Anne Thomas with her two children who had been born in Middlesex.

In 1863 he was to occupy Manor Farm on a one-year rolling tenancy, though whether this was together with, or instead of Court Farm is not known. In 1866 he left an unspecified address in Quenington and in 1871 at the age of 58 was living in retirement with his wife in Bisley, where his mother had retired. He died there in 1875 at the age of 62, described as 'gentleman'. His body was returned to Quenington for burial.

1813 parQuenington   12 Feb, baptised
1841cenQuenington25 : at home, unmarried
1851cenQuenington38  at home, unmarried
1853,56dirQuenington   farmerCourt Farm
1856parQuenington43farmer 30 April married Elizabeth Howell
1861cenQuenington 48farmer 675 acres with wife Elizabeth, also 2 sisters and 2 nephews, living near the church
1863dirQuenington  farmer Court Farm
1863docQuenington    15 Apr, lease of Manor Farm (D2455/E1/1/5/1)
1866preQuenington   sale of animals, household goods etc at unspecified address by Mr T Price, who is leaving
1871cenBisley 58 retired farmer with wife Elizabeth, no children
1875gro,probBrownshill62 died 10 Feb,death registered 1st quarter
1875parQuenington62 16 Feb, burial
Probate: Thomas Price of Brownhill, Bisley, gentleman, died 16 Feb 1875 at Brownhill, will proved by Elizabeth Maria, widow and Joseph Smith, banker, of Cirencester, effects under 5000 pounds

Charles Price jnr

During his career at Quenington Charles, brother of Thomas, followed family tradition by holding the lease of Hicks Beach's Manor and Court Farms at various times. He also farmed Tombs Farm when it came into the possession of Hicks Beach. He is probably the Charles Price whose marriage to Jane Davis was registered in Stroud in 1856; his wife Jane was born in Minchinhampton, which was within the Stroud registration district. In 1861 he was farming an unidentified 700 acres in Quenington, perhaps Manor Farm and during the next decade children were born there. He was certainly at Manor Farm in 1866 and in 1867 took charge of Tombs Farm which had been leased to Michael Hicks Beach on the departure of James Tombs from Quenington. By 1871 he had moved to the farmhouse near the church, the accommodation for Court Farm, where he was farming in 1876. His holding in 1871 of 1000 acres suggests that he had retained his lease of Tombs Farm while taking over Court Farm.

In 1876 he auctioned first the animals and farm equipment of Manor Farm, then the household goods, no location given, presumably Quenington Court. The reason given was that Charles Price leaving. This is perhaps part of the farming reorganisation of the mid-1870s which also saw the departure of the Wakefields. He emigrated to Canada, where he died in 1882.

1828parQuenington     27 Jul, baptised
1851cenQuenington 22   at home, unmarried
1856groMinchinhampton  marriage of Charles Price to Jane Davis registered 4th quarter
1861cenQuenington 31 farmer 700 acres. With wife Jane and son Robert (8 months), not near the church
1862-70parQuenington farmer various dates, baptism of children
1863,70dirQuenington   farmer'Charles Price Esq.' in 1870
1863dirQuenington  farmer
1863docQuenington  farmer 5 Apr, lease for Manor Farm
1865docQuenington    Sept, to become tenant of Manor Farm (D2455/E1/1/5/1)
1866docQuenington     tenant of Manor Farm from Lady Day
1867pro    gentleman of Quenington, with brother Robert proved mother's will
1867dirQuenington    lease from M Hicks Beach for Mr Tombs farm (D2455/4/1/10)
1867docQuenington  farmer 28 Oct, lease of buildings and farmland, not named (D2455/E1/1/5/1)
1869preQuenington   25 Dec 1868, son born at Quenington Court
1870preQuenington   28 Jun, daughter born at Quenington Court
1871cenQuenington 43 farmer 1000 acres. With wife Jane (35) and sons Francis Herbert, 5, Ernest A, 2, Mary 9m, also brother Robert, living near the church
1876dirQuenington  farmer Court Farm
1876preQuenington    Sept/Oct sale by auction of animals and agricultural implements at Manor Farm, Mr C Price leaving, location not given
1876preQuenington    Dec, sale by auction of household goods, Mr C Price leaving, location not given (presumaby Quenington Court)
1882preToronto, Canada    died 16th Jan
1885preToronto    . Wife died at sister's in Quamichin, Br Columbia

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