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Arthur Perry was a farmer in Quenington for a very short period around 1890, at least part of the time at Mawley's Farm. It appears to have been an attempt to carve a career out for himself in the occupation that his father and two elder brothers were following. Probably unsuccessfully.

He was born in Hazleton, east of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, his father a farmer. He had a private education - in 1871 he was one of twelve boarders aged between 8 and 13 years at a school, title unknown, in High Street Watlington, near Thame in Oxfordshire. In 1881 he was at Far Hill Farm in Fairford, 376 acres being farmed by his elder brothers. His occupation was unemployed grocer's assistant. He married in 1888, probably in Fairford, and then moved to Quenington, where he farmed at Mawley's Farm between 1888 and 1896. But this did not last, as in 1901 he was back in Fairford, in London Street, running a business as a butcher. And was still there ten years later.

He died in Cirencester in 1938 at the age of 79. Probate was awarded to his widow, and also two sons, both of whom were still in business at butchers, one still at London Street in Fairford.

1859cen,groHazleton, Glos   birth registered Northleach 3rd quarter
1861cenGuiting Power1 at home, father Samuel farmer of 200 acres
1871cenWatlington11pupilat school in High Street
1881erFairford21 see next column at Far Hill Farm, Fairford, run by elder brothers. Occupation grocer's assistant 'out of employ'
1888groCirencester   marriage to Emily Gertrude Burge registered 4th quarter
1889erQuenington    occupying a house at Mawley's Farm
1889dirQuenington  farmer at Mawley's Farm
1890-96erQuenington    occupying land and tenement in the village
1889dirQuenington  farmer at Mawley's Farm
1891cenQuenington30farmerwith wife and daughter, both born Fairford
1896docQuenington  tenant of Robert Charles Mawley of 8 Constitution Hill, Ipswich
1901,11cenFairford41,51butcherin London Street
1938gro,proCirencester79 death registered Cirencester 4th quarter, in Cirencester hospital, home address 3 Avenue Villas, Cirencester

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