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Arnold, John1881-1901also variously labourer, carrier, brewery agent, jobmaster
Avery, Robert1787-95, 1836-43Quenington Mill and land
Avery, William1787-95, 1846-50Quenington Mill and land
Booker, William1813-24probably Court Farm
Brain, Edward1861-1876Mawley Farm
Chard Edward J1897-1906Mawley Farm
Clarke William(1829)-185xprobably landowner
Clifford, Ernest1899-1963Honeycombe Leaze, Mawley Farm, son of Reuben
Clifford, Frank W1921-29Honeycombe Leaze, grandson of Reuben
Clifford, Reuben1870-91Honeycombe Leaze
Cole, Richard Frederick1924-57Coneygres Farm
Cook, Albert1894-1914son of Richard
Cook, Richard1881-90507 acres in 1881
Craddock, Richard1852-56 
Gibbins, Samuel Browning1851260 acres
Gillett, Charles1885-97Manor or Court Farm
Green, James1836 
Hall, William1795-1812 
Hollister, John1860 
Hollister, Thomas1861 
Ivin, Richard185157 acres
Kemble, William1861-81baker, 17 acres
King, John1887-1825 
Margetts, James1863-66carpenter (1851), tea dealer (1861-66)
Maslin, Ernest Albert1901-11also blacksmith, address papermill
Moss, Thomas19017.5 acres, publican, Earl Grey beerhouse
Penson, Thomas Henry1. 1913-1923
2. 1920-1935
1. Coneygres Farm. Son of William Stayt Penson
2. Court Farm/Quenington Farm
Penson, William Stayt1.1877-1879
1.Tombs Farm
2.Coneygres Farm (500+ acres)
Perry, Arthur1889-91Mawley's Farm
Preater, John1881-83 
Preater, Edmund Henry1885-91dairy farmer
Price Charles sen1776
glebe land and farmland
Manor Farm
Price, Charles jun1. 1861
2. 1866
3. 1871
1. 700 acres. son of Robert and Elizabeth
2. Manor Farm
3. 1000 acres, prob includes Court Farm
Price, Elizabeth1851Court Farm, 674 acres, Robert's widow
Price,, Robert1. 181(3)-1836
2. 1843-1845
1. Manor Farm
2. Court Farm
Price, Thomas1853-66Court Farm to 1861, Manor Farm from 1863. Robert's son
Randall, John1788-1798Manor Farm, glebe land
Randall, Susanna1891-02Manor Farm, glebe land
Reason, Francis1879-86175 acres (1881), Mawley's Farm (1885)
Simpson, John1845-51Tombs Farm
Smith, Robert1876early Conegres
Smith, Robert, James1876early Conegres
Stephens, see under Stevens
Stevens, Edmund1847 
Stevens, William1825-43probably Court farm
Thomas, Jenkin1836-45Tombs Farm, absent proprietor
Timbrell, George188116 acres, corn miller
Tombs, Henry1787-97Manor Farm, Tombs property
Tombs, Henry jnr1787-91 
Tombs, James1798-1803 
Tombs, James1843-53absent proprietor
Tombs, James Thomas1851-64190 acres (1851), 230 acres (1861)
Tombs, John1787-1803 
Tombs, Mary Harriet1836-1845(Tombs Farm)
Wakefield, Ann1850-53Mawley's land, widow of Charles Stevens sen
Wakefield, Charles Stevens sen1819-42Mawley's land (1836), probably son of Thomas
Wakefield, Charles Stevens jun1858-76550 acres 1861, son of Charles Stevens sen
Wakefield,John1787-95probably precursor of Mawley's Farm
Wakefield, Thomas1797-1803Mawlet's Land
Wentworth, William1802-03Manor Farm and glebe land
Yells, John1836-41land owned by Jenkin Thomas

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