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James Margetts was farming in Quenington during the 1860s but details are sparse. He was not from a farming family. He was born in Quenington in 1831, his father Cornelius a wheelwright, later a carpenter. He was at home until 1861. In 1851 he, his widowed mother and his brother Henry were all working as carpenters. In 1861, still in Quenington with his widowed mother and working as a tea-dealer. The following year he was in Westminster, London, to marry Mary Auscott who had been born in Quenington, a carpenter's daughter, but who was living in London. Details below.

Two sons were born in Quenington in 1863 and 1866, and it was in their baptism documentation that James is shown as a farmer; also in 1891 in the marriage certificate of one of the sons. James died in 1867 at the age of 35 and was buried at Quenington.

The Margetts had been property owners. In 1842-46 father Cornelius was a voter by virtue of having freehold houses and land, which was occupied by an Edmund Wheeler (no information). He died in 1849. Much later, in the 1880s and 1890s, two of James's sons, George and Edwin, would each own a house in Quenington. It is not known whether these were continuities of the earlier possessions.

1831parQuenington    19 Aug, baptised, father Corneius wheelwright
1841cenQuenington5 (sic) at home, father Cornelius carpenter
1849groQuenington  death of father Cornelius
1851cenQuenington19carpenter at home with widowed mother
1861cenQuenington 27 tea-dealerat home with mother Mary, widow of a carpenter
1862groWestminster   marriage registered to Mary Aucott. 2nd quarter
1863dirQuenington tea dealerfrom Post Office directory
1863parQuenington   farmer24 May, baptism of son George Aucott
1866parQuenington   farmer15 Jul, baptism of son Edwin
1867parQuenington 35   death registered Cirencester 3rd quarter, buried 18 Aug
1891parQuenington   farmer (dec.)occupation shown on marriage certificate of son Edwin