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William Kemble was a baker and small-time (17 acres) farmer in Quenington for some 36 years. He was born in Wiltshire in about 1817 and was next seen in Ampney Crucis in 1841. At some point he will have married his wife, Elizabeth (surname probably Hamblin) there - she was born there - and a child was born in 1844. In 1846 he moved to Quenington and occupied a recently vacated house owned by a Robert Smith of Oxford. He set up as a master baker to which he added the occupation of farmer from 1861. He continued thus until his death in 1882 at the age of 65. More children were born in Quenington.

In 1881 he was farming 17 acres of land, though it is not clear whether this was owned or being rented. However, there is a document from 1873 which shows that he and his wife between them owned some six acres of land (see table below)

c1817cenLeigh, Wilts     
1841cenAmpney Crucis rest not readable
1844,46 cen,gro Ampney Crucis    two children born
1846-53erQuenington     occupant of house and land owned by Richard Smith of Oxford
1848,49 cen,gro Quenington     two children born in Quenington
1851cenQuenington34master bakerwith wife, children, in-laws,, servants
1853dirQuenington   baker 
1857 cen,gro Quenington    son born
1861cenQuenington44baker and farmerwith wife and children
1871cenQuenington54baking farmer with wife Elizabeth and children Jane and Robert
1873docQuenington    landowner, see footnote
1881cenQuenington64baker and farmer17 acres, with wife
1882groCirencester 65 death registered Cirencester 2nd quarter
The 1873 document is the Return of Owners of Land in Gloucestershire. It shows ownership of 3 acres 3 roods and 4 poles, gross estimated rental 6. A Mrs Kemble, presumably his wife, has 3 acres exactly, value 9. Location of land not given.

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