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Charles Gillett was tenant apparently at Manor Farm for over a decade in the 1880s and 1890s. He was born in Oxfordshire in about 1833, son of a farmer. He must be the man of his name whose marriage to Catherine Prestidge took place in the St Martin district of London in 1867. In 1871 he was back in Oxfordshire, himself a farmer in the Chipping Norton area. In 1879 he wrote a letter from Bibury, near Quenington, presumably to the Williamstrip Estate, stating that he had heard that the tenancy of Manor Farm was becoming vacant and asked to be considered. He was at the time a tenant of Lord Sherborne but had given his notice.

He has not yet been found in 1881, but there is a reference to his being in occupation of Manor Farm that year and then from 1885. He gave up farming at Michaelmas 1900 and his farm stock was sold at auction. Thereafter he retired to Finchley in London, where he lived with his wife until his death in 1913. He is described variously as retired farmer and as gentlemen during this period.

Wife Catherine must be the Catherine Prestidge who was born in Oxfordshire, daughter of a postmaster. She died in Finchley in 1913 just three weeks after her husband. There were a number of children of which at least the boys were educated privately. In 1881 two, Alexander (12) and Ernest (13) were at The Gables, a private boarding school in Eastbourne.

There is a potential problem in placing him at Manor Farm, in spite of all the references. His holding was shown as 582 acres in 1881, yet much of Manor Farm had been absorbed into the new Coneygres Farm in 1879. Also, in 1891 he was living very near the church, which was typical of farmers occupying Court Farm.

Selected background
c1833cenAsthally, Oxon   birth
1867par,groLondon     4 Apr, marriage of Charles Gillett and Catherine Prestidge, registered St Martin-in-the-Fields, 2nd quarter
1869parFifield, Oxon farmer baptism of son Alexander Lovell
1871cenChipping Norton38farmer of 550 acres, at home with wife and children
1880docBibury  farmer21 Jul, letter requesting tenancy of Manor Farm, see narrative
1881 cenEastbourne  sons Alexander 12 and Ernest, 13, resident at The Gables, a private boarding school.
1881docQuenington  farmer work to be carried out on Manor Farm, 582 acres, occupied by Charles Gillett
1885-1901erQuenington    at Manor Farm
1885,89 dirQuenington  farmer at Manor farm
1891cenQuenington58farmer at home with wife Catherine and daughter Mabel, near the church
1894,97 dirQuenington  farmer at Manor farm
1900 preQuenington farmerleaving the farm and farming at Michaelmas, auction of stock 27th September
1901cenFinchley, London68retired farmerat home with wife Catherine, address Avondale, Long Lane
1901parFinchley gentleman15 Aug, marriage of daughter Mabel Ann
1911cenFinchley78 retiredat home with wife Catherine, address Avondale, long Lane
1913gro,prob,preFinchley80   died 25 Mar, death registered Barnet 1st quarter, see below for probate
1913gro, probFinchley  wife Catherine died 14 Apr, age 78, death registered Barnet 2nd quarter
died 25 Mar 1913, address Avondale, Long Lane, Finchley, executors Maurice Henry Gillett, draper and [son-in-law] Harry Leonard Bateman, secretary, effects 3946 4s 10d