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There is one known record of Samuel Gibbins as a farmer in Quenington. This was in 1851, when he was working a farm of 160 acres there. However, he was absent on census day, but with two of his sons there. He himself, with his wife and other children, was on a farm at Winstone.

He was born in 1795 in Miserden, married in 1818 at Winstone, and was farming in Miserden in 1841. After the two farms in Winstone and Quenington in 1851 he was farming over the county border in Worcestershire in 1861, where died in 1866 at the age of 71. His body was brought back to Winstone for burial. Some sons themselves went into farming. but not at Quenington.

All the places referred to here are in north-east Gloucestershire/south Worcestershire.

1795parMiserden  baptised 12 Jul
1818parWinstone  9 Feb, marriage to Sarah Hanchard
1841cenMiserden45yeomanwith wife and five children
1851cenWinstone55farmerwith wife and some children, see also next item
1851cenQuenington farmerabsent householder, sons Ephraim 22 and Edwin 19 present, farming 260 acres, see also previous item
1861cenLongdon, Worcs66farmer324 acres, with wife and children
1866gro,,probLongdon71farmerdied 9 Sep, death registered Shipston-on-Stour 3rd quarter
1866parWinstone71 buried 15 Sep, address Longdon
1866prob   of Longdon Farm, died 9 September, will proved by the oaths of [sons] Obed and Edwin farmers