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Two members of the Cook family, father Richard and son Albert Jesse, occupied Court Farm in succession over some 40 years (1881-1921). At one point the holding was considerable (507 acres) but there is no indication where the land was situated. They had taken over from the Price family at a time of reorganisation of farming in the village, but they did not inhabit the house near the farm; this would eventually be sold and become what is now Quenington Court. Instead they moved to or very near the Mawley Farm farmhouse in 1891 and 1901, and then, with changes relating to Mawley Farm including the installation of E Clifford, to an unidentified location in the village in 1911, probably near the Pig and Whistle public house.

There is also reference seen in a single document (directory) to a William Cook farming in Quenington in 1879. This might have been Richard's father, though nothing more has been seen of William's presence in Quenington.

Richard Cook

Richard was born in Gloucestershire in about 1826, son of William, a farmer. He was at a succession of farms, two in Oxfordshire and one in Berkshire before he arrived in Quenington. He was in Quenington for about a decade before moving to farm in Hatherop. At that point his son became a farmer in Quenington at the farm that his father had vacated. The son was only some 20 years old and the two had a joint tenancy there for a few years, the father having moved to a farm in Hatherop. Richard died, almost certainly in Hatherop, in 1910 at the age of 84.

c1826 cenAston Blank, Glos     birth
1841cenCrawley, Oxon     at home, father William farmer
1851cenCrawley, Oxon 25farmerat home, father William farmer of 208 acres
1861cenEynsham, Oxon35farmer410 acres, with wife and children
1871cenPadworth, Berks 45farmer at Old Farm, 348 acres
1881cenQuenington55 farmer 507 acres, with wife and two children, next to Francis Reason of Mawley Farm
1885-89dirQuenington  farmer  
1885-92 erQuenington   land and tenement
1890-96 erHatherop   land and tenement
1894-97 erQuenington   land and tenement jointly with son. Living in Hatherop
1891cenHatherop65farmerDean Farm
1901cenHatherop75farmerDean Farm
1910groCirencester 84  death registered 2nd quarter

Albert Jesse Cook

Albert, one son of Richard, was born in Padworth, Berkshire, in 1879. He was privately educated a pupil at a boarding school in Hampshire in 1881. He is next in Quenington in 1891, a farmer. He arrived at about the time that his father Richard left Quenington and he inherited his father's tenancy, living, like his father, at or next to the Mawley farmhouse. Initially he held a joint tenancy with his father for perhaps some five years before becoming 'independent', even though the latter had moved to a farm in Hatherop. In 1916 he was appointed a county magistrate.

He was still in Quenington after the first war but only briefly. In 1920 he gave up farming and the contents of Court Farm were sold. The following year he sailed from London to Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), but not as an emigrant (he declared his future country of residence as England). His return is undetected but the following year he appeared in his brother's probate as a retired farmer. He is next known in September 1939 when he was staying at a luxury hotel in Dorset, a retired farmer and presumably on holiday. He was unmarried. He had already retired in 1922, albeit aged only 51, as shown in the will of his brother Percy George Cook, who described him thus when appointing him executor.

He died in 1946 at the age of 74. At the time of death he was living in Parkstone, Dorset, and he left a considerable estate. Probate was given to Brian Cook, farmer, presumably a relative. He was wealthy. In 1921 he travelled to Colombo in a first-class cabin, in 1939 he was in a luxury hotel, presumably on holiday. He left an estate of some 155.000.

1870cen,gro,39Padworth,Berks    born 15 Aug, birth registered Bradfield 3rd quarter
1871cenPadworth7mo at home at Old Farm, father Richard farmer 348 acres
1881cenBasingstoke10pupil at Minton House school
1891cenQuenington21farmer with sister, next to Arthur Perry of Mawley Farm
1894-1914 dir Quenington   farmer  
1894-1897er Quenington    land and tenement jointly with father
1898-1915 erQuenington   land and tenement in village
1901cenQuenington30farmer with sister Caroline, next to Edward Chard of Mawley Farm
1906dirQuenington  farmer  
1911cenQuenington40farmer with sister [unreadable], apparently near the Pig and Whistle inn
1916nwpQuenington  appointed county magistrate
1918-20 erQuenington   householder
1920preLechlade   contents (animals, implements, machinery) of Court Farm Quenington for auction, Mr A J Cook giving up farming
1921shipLondon50farmersailed for Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) see below
1922prob  farmer rtd21 Mar, one of two granted probate for estate of brother Percy George Cook of Heather Lodge, Parkstone, Dorset
193939Wimborne, Dorset   farmer rtd at Dormy Hotel, Ferndown, unmarried, born 15 Aug 1870
1946gro,prob Poole, Dorset 74  died 2 Aug, death registered 3rd quarter, see below for probate
First-class ticket to Colombo, left London on 7 Jan 1921 on ss Narkunda (P&O) bound for Sydney. Intended country of future residence England. Return not detected
probate London 1 Oct. Died 2 Aug 1946, address Powell Lodge, Powell Road, Parkstone, Dorset, to Brian Cook, farmer, effects 155,571 11s 8d

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