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A William Clark is recorded in Quenington, property owner/occupant in the late 1820s. He is perhaps the same as the William Clarke, farmer and property owner in the 1830s and 1840s. In 1837 he married Elizabeth Taylor from nearby Netherton. The occupation of both their fathers is described as gentleman. Children were born between 1839 and 1844. The piece of land which he farmed in the 1820s was modest, annual land tax eleven shillings and twopence at the rate of five shillings in the pound (25%). It was owned by the Rev Cresswell of Bibury and later sold to landowner Michael Hicks Beach of Coln St Aldwyns.

There is some uncertainty, perhaps inconsistency, in the documentation from 1844, during which he moved to nearby Coln St Aldwyns. His wife died in Quenington in 1845 at the age of 40 and was buried in Coln. He had moved to Coln by 1851 and would remain there until his death. The documents, from 1844 to 1853, show him with a freehold house and land in Quenington but also occupying a house and land there belonging to an absentee landlord. This seems to be the case even after the move to Coln. Even in 1859 he still retains his land in Quenington (but is no longer on the land of the absentee landlord).

In Coln St Aldwyns he was farming 500 acres in 1851. In 1871 his 533 acres was shown to be Williamstrip Farm. It was there that he died in 1871 at the age of 68.

He married a second time. In 1854 he was in Finsbury, Middlesex, to marry a widow with her own children. They all came back with him to Coln.

Selected extracts
1827-30taxQuenington  proprietor of a house occupied variously by others; also occupying land owned by the Rev S Cresswell Esq. of Bibury
1836erQuenington  having freehold house and lands, occupied by self and William Peters
1837parQuenington33farmermarried Elizabeth Taylor, see below
1838doc  farmerbeneficiary and executor of will drawn up by John Yells, farmer of Quenington.
1839-44parQuenington farmerfour children born
1839docQuenington farmer3 May, executor with Richard Smith of Oxford in will of Joseph Baylis, labourer
1841cenQuenington30farmerwith wife, two children and 2 servants
1842erQuenington  having freehold house and lands, occupied by self and another; also occupying house and land owned by James Tombs of Langford
1844-53 erQuenington  having freehold house and lands, also occupying house and land owned by James Tombs of Langford
1845 groQuenington   death of wife Elizabeth registered 2nd quarter, age 40
1845 parColn St Aldwyns   2 June, wife Elizabeth buried, 40, address Quenington
1854docGloucester  witness at probate hearing for Joseph Baylis
1854 parFinsbury, Middxfullyeomanmarried Ann Bowl, own address Coln St Aldwyns
1859 erColn St Aldwyns   living in Coln St Aldwyns and still having freehold house and lands in Quenington
1873 gro,parColn St Aldwyns73  death registered Northleach 2nd quarter, burial Coln 8 May
marriage at Quenington on 10 Oct 1837:
William Clarke, 33, farmer, address Quenington, father Richard gentleman
Elizabeth Taylor, 32, no occupation, address Netherton, father George gentleman

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